Lots of people use Gmail account to send or receive mails. Many of them use their mail ID to store their pictures and files. But everyone is afraid of losing their data as it is possible that there are some chances of losing their data. In order to solve this problem, Gmail introduces a backup feature which will help the user to retrieve their data if it was lost due any reason. With the help of this feature users are very much satisfied and tension free because they know that if something happens to their Gmail account then they can retrieve their data easily.

What is Data backup?

Data Backup is a process in which the user makes a copy of their data in their system. If the data is lost or corrupted due to any other reason, then the user retrieve the data with that backed up file which was stored on the system. This process is very much beneficial to users as their work is protected from any loss. This made the user free from fear of data loss. The only thing that the users have to do is made a back up of your mails on your system.

Create a backup of your Gmail

We all know that there are lots of important transactions take place every day like people send password information, university grades, business reports, bank statements and lots more. There is always a chance that your data can be wiped out from net. So need to backup your data on your system and you can backup your data by just following these steps:-

  • Login to your Gmail ID on Google
  • Then click on mail setting which is situated on the top right hand corner of your screen.
  • Then find and click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” link.
  • Select the first option under the “POP Download” option.
  • The click on the save changes option which is situated at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then your backup is being made on your system.

Another and easy method to Create a Backup of contacts

  • First Click on Gmail top right corner and click on Contacts

  • Click on Export button

  • Click on Go to old contacts

  • Click on more button and click on Export button

  • Then you get option on which format you can export, you can export your contacts CSV


After finishing you backup process, you should have to keep one thing in your mind that you should have to make backup periodically to ensure your data protection.

Why backup is Necessary?

If you have some important data file saved on your Gmail account, then you should have to create a back up of that data because there is always a possibility of corruption of your data due to any reason. The most secure account will not promise for the safeguard of you data from any corruption, therefore you need to backup you data so that if any data loss occurs then you can retrieve your data.


Gmail provide use lots of useful features which help us to protect our data and make our information system more secure. Data Backup is one of that features that’s why Gmail is the first choice of all the new users. With all such interesting security features Gmail is stood on the top of choice list of users.